kerunou asked:

Hello Alexandre. Been following you on Deviant Art for...I wanna say years, I'm a big fan of yours and countless numbers of pieces I've done have been influenced by you, so thank you. Anyway, if I had to ask you anything right now, it'd be regarding how imaginative some of your art is. Boulon for example, such unique designs. Or that Fornax Void character for instance. How do you come up with something along those lines? What's your creative process my friend?

this is really a long and complicated process so i made a drawing

jessebalmer asked:

Heya, would you mind adding that recent landscape study with the four dudes chillin' by the riverbank surrounded by the massive forest and with the huge decommissioned, sword-wielding robot in the background to your print store? I'd like to purchase it quite badly. Additionally, your work is incredible. Enormous fan. Cheers.

sure thing ! i`ll do that tonight !